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What happens during the corona period in dating apps? We talked to singles who told us that loneliness actually makes people more communicative.

The bars and restaurants are closed, workplaces want to survive and work from home, universities have moved to online learning. What is going on in these days of loneliness with the single population in dating apps? Do dates continue to exist in a reality where you can only meet one-on-one at home?

“Precisely because the option is just to meet at home, I haven’t logged in for a few days because of fear of a high amount of douche bags looking for sexsting “ admitted Sandra, 27, “I’m also a little put off by the thought of meeting strangers I can’t know what their route was. Risks, but at the moment it is better to avoid such even at the cost of a period of severe drought. “

Jillian, 28, actually dared to enter — and was pleasantly surprised. “I feel an impressive awakening,” she reported, “a few days ago I suddenly noticed that every right turn is a match, that the conversations are developing. Maybe the fact that there is nowhere to go on a date has lowered the tension, maybe it’s the need for company. I do not know yet where it will develop. “

“Surprisingly, even when people are unable to meet face-to-face, they find a way to go on dates,” he said. “Over the past month, more than 50 people have been sent out,” said Ariel Charten. A million messages between OkCupid users contacting for the first time. “While bars, restaurants, offices and gyms are closed all over the world, it is clear that people are looking for new ways of human contact and connection.”

“I feel there is a lot more activity in terms of messages,” agrees Jeff, 27, “I get more messages from women I was once in a relationship with, or from those I sent a message to once and suddenly get back to me. Because they canceled the rest of our lives if it’s boring, craving for sex or the feeling of crisis and the end of the world that makes people not think twice. The stories are about the same subject and it is actually a collective experience, even though everyone is in their own home. “

Dr. Myra Males from the Department of Information Science at Harvard University agrees with Jeff’s insights. If at that time we met a potential partner, we may interpret this arousal as falling in love. “

And what about real life meetings? Jeff admits he’s afraid to meet: “It’s scary, even more than AIDS. But after you sit at home with yourself and have a glass or two of wine, you think about it less.”

Have you had it yet?
“Not yet. But it will probably happen in the next few days, the more dystopian the situation the more likely it is.”

Originally published at https://gonitz.com on August 14, 2020.

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