Why My Boyfriend Ignoring Me? 10 Reasons!

Why my boyfriend ignoring me is a common question.

If you are asking yourself “why my boyfriend ignoring me?”, and you feel that something in the relationship has changed — it is important to know that there are several reasons why a man ignores a woman, whether it is not answering messages, filtering conversations and more.

Many of the women ask “why my boyfriend ignoring me?” And do not always get answers, due to relationships that have dissolved due to the disregard of one of the spouses, or a return to the relationship routine without asking direct questions.

But if you’re still wondering — it’s important to consider a few reasons to ignore:

  1. Because he needs to breathe

Everyone sometimes needs breathing space. If you and the guy are spending every moment together, sending messages to each other every minute, communicating on social media, and this apart from the time you spend together: he may just want to take a moment to rest and breathe.

  1. He is with his family
    Spousal neglect can sometimes occur due to family drama or just spending quality time with family. Sometimes romantic conversations must be made at the right time and at the right time and not necessarily that one of the couple is in the family affair.
  2. He’s angry and does not want to talk about it
    That’s right, there are open people who know how to communicate right once they get hurt. However, there are also men who are too closed that it is very difficult to get them to admit that something is actually bothering them. Such disregard can be caused by many reasons whether they are related to you or not, and many men ignore the partner and the environment, until they return to emotional balance.
  3. He is jealous
    Have you been spending less time with him lately and spending more time with your girlfriends? Or maybe you have a new friend who has become your ‘best friend’? Maybe the guy you’re in a relationship with is just jealous so he chooses to ignore you.

4.He wants to end the relationship
There are times when the guy you are in a relationship with ignores you for reasons you do not really want to know. Sometimes there are disregards whose job it is to end a relationship, and they happen mostly among men who do not know how to end a relationship directly and openly.

5.Because he’s just busy
We know the frustration of ignoring, but sometimes ignoring is caused due to a hectic lifestyle, and it does happen. Many cases are also between friends and not necessarily between spouses that one ignores the other simply because he is busy. So it’s your time to be both busy and not pursue it.

6.Because you behave differently
If you neglect for a moment the accusations directed at your spouse, you may find that you may be the cause of the disregard. If you, too, ignore it, behave differently, are too busy, or have radically changed your lifestyle: it may be that such behavior without explanation can lead to disregard.

7.His friends influence his decisions
If your boyfriend hangs out with his friends more often than usual, and he has started ignoring you since he hangs out with them, his friends may be influencing him. Maybe they’re trying to convince him that it’s better for him to be single, maybe they’re trying to convince him that you’re not the right girl for him, and maybe he feels he’s missing out on male pastimes when he’s with you? If this is the case it is important to stop nagging, and find your own life until he realizes that with you he feels the best in the world.

8.He is scared
Sometimes, when men start to feel a good connection in their relationships, they start to develop scared feelings. At times like these they ignore because they want to explore their emotions and understand what they want. In such cases it is important to take a step back and just let them decide if they continue with you? Or they are too coward…

9.Because he just does not love you anymore
It is not pleasant to say this but sometimes disregard simply stems from a lack of love. Men have a lot of reasons they can ignore their partner, and one of them is that they no longer feel the butterflies in their stomach, the passion and the feelings they had at the beginning of the relationship. In such moments one should let go, accept and move on.

So true, men are not the creatures that are easiest to understand, so it is important to know to read the map correctly, not to chase a man and keep sending messages and calling if he ignores, thus moving on to a relationship where the man you are with will dedicate your whole being!

Originally published at https://www.gonitz.com on September 19, 2020.

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