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There is no point in denying this: the various social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp and the like — fill a significant part of almost all of our lives, and they serve us daily in quite a few things. Among the various effects and implications that this fact of our lives has, one of the significant ones to pay attention to is the impact of social networks on our relationships. For example, the results of a study conducted in 2013 among 205 Facebook users, indicated a link between high levels of use of the social network and negative consequences on the relationship, as well as an increase in the marital conflicts surrounding this topic. Another study from 2009 found that there was a link between using Facebook and an increase in feelings of jealousy between spouses. So what on social media can harm, to such an extent, our long-term relationship with our loved ones? How can these dire consequences be avoided? And can social networking also bring good things to your relationship with your spouse, and not just cause trouble? About all this and more in the this article.

Negative effects of social networks on relationships
As can be understood from the results of the studies we have presented here, social networks can have quite a few negative and problematic effects on your relationship with your spouse, and it does not matter if you both use them or just one of you. These are some of the negative effects you should pay attention to:

Tips on how to avoid these effects in your relationship
The negative effects of social networking on your relationship, as we have mentioned so far, are not necessarily the only ones — and you can probably find quite a few more points where engaging in social networking has caused friction between you and your partner. However, this is not a fateful decision nor does it mean that you should completely abandon social networks to avoid relationship problems. All you have to do is act responsibly, according to the following tips, in everything related to these networks:

Think twice before you put something up and do not wash the dirt outside
Quarrels with your partner, anger you have towards each other or even situations where you are thinking about a temporary or permanent separation — all of these can be very frustrating and make you want to unload everything in front of someone who will help you cope. However, the last thing you should do is wash the dirty laundry of your relationship on social media — since taking such a course of action is likely to not only not solve the problems between you, but will only ignite the fire and cause further distancing. Think twice about everything you upload to the social network, especially when it comes to your private and intimate relationship, because anything you post there — even if you delete it after a short time — can be documented, roam around the web and reach the general public and people you really don’t want to put Keep an eye on what is happening within the walls of your home and your soul.Plus, if your kids are on the same social networks as you, any such posting in which you take your dirty double laundry out can reach them and hurt them several times over. Therefore, in times of crisis, seek personal help from close family members, good friends or professionals — but by no means do so publicly on social media. Also be careful in your publications in closed groups, even if it is a group led by an expert, and also consider the things you write there.

This is how social networks can strengthen your relationship
Although so far we have reviewed the negative effects of social networks on the relationships of many of us who use them, and we have presented you tips on how to avoid the problems they create, but you should know that they also include another option — to strengthen the relationship, strengthen relationships and increase love between you and your spouse. How is this possible? Take a look at the benefits that social networks bring to couple relationships and you will discover:

Sticks You need to show your appreciation to your spouse
With the help of social networks it is much easier for you to show your appreciation for your spouses and your pride in them, in cases where the paragon deserves them: when they succeeded in realizing a particular project close to their heart, when they received promotion in their workplace, upgraded to a new job or did anything else. to them. At the same time, remember to be sensitive and consult with your spouse before you post their achievements on social media, so as not to create a situation where your public paragon experience will become unpleasant for them or even cause a dispute between you.

Allow you to continue communicating even during busy times of the day
In today’s world, many of us have a demanding, crowded and very busy agenda — we leave home early in the morning and return late in the evening, and usually do so separately from our spouses, who may also have such a hectic routine. Of course during the day you can and should communicate with them via phone calls, but also tagging them in response to a funny or exciting picture you saw on the social network, or alternatively sending an emoji or sticker through the network’s messaging app — all of these can strengthen communication between you during the day. And they are moved in the heart between all the tasks, tasks and tasks to be performed.

Can help you build and restore mutual trust
We mentioned here earlier that one of the disadvantages of social networks lies in the fact that they can make you obsessively follow every action of your spouse and become suspicious towards them as well as they towards you. But it does not have to be this way — the transparency that social media has can also have positive consequences for your relationship. Through these networks you can easily update your spouses on where you are, reveal to them positive experiences from your distant past in which they were not partners and restore the mutual trust that exists between you, even if it is eroded over the years.

Helps produce a double diary and remember joint events
Today, in the age of digital photography, fewer and fewer people are developing stills, the couple and family photo albums that were so common in the past are disappearing, and you will hardly find a single person filming videos in a special movie. Everything is documented and stored on our cell phone, but the best place to put all those records and memories in order is on social media — which can become a place for you to design a double diary, which will not only reveal to your acquaintances your shared pastimes and pleasures, but also allow you to browse for yourself. And enjoy together the shared memories you accumulate.

Originally published at on August 30, 2020.

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